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An Overview

We have been keeping our surroundings clean all our lives. However, only a few of us pay attention to the cleaning products we use for such jobs. Needless to say, the products we use have a great role to play in the effective cleaning of laundry, utensils, objects and spaces. To make people aware of this fact, we, Kanhas Enterprises have emerged as a manufacturer and supplier of a line of cleaning products like White Floor Cleaner, Liquid Detergent, Multipurpose Glass Cleaner, etc., that is not only effective but affordable to buy.

Continuous improvement is the stepping stone, standing on which we aim to touch heights of success. Every customer wishes to ally with a company that improves with the changing market trends and molds its strategies as per customer requirements. Luckily, we are one of those companies. Thus, the reason behind our success within such a short time span is no secret.

Why Solly Care?

Our manufacturing brand, Solly Care, is always chosen by our customers over our counterparts because of the following reasons:

  • We allow our customers to choose their favorite payment mode from offered modes like Online Payments and Cheque & DD to ease the monetary stress.
  • We may make shipment of our Duster Cloth and other products via rail or road, as preferred by our clients.
  • We use the laboratory tested chemicals for making our cleaning products like Liquid Detergent, Cleany Toilet Cleaner, etc.
  • We look into every corner and make all the attempts to make our customers the happiest.


The popularity we have attained within such a short time span is because of us being consistent in our work. Consistency is not only appreciated by customers but everyone. Therefore, we work relentlessly to maintain consistency in quality of our White Floor Cleaner, Hand Cleaner Gel, etc., and in their timely delivery.

Work Environment

We have been maintaining a positive work environment at our company since our first day of work because positivity leads to better production without letting the quality being compromised. Moreover, stress-free work environment ensures happiness all around, leading to the achievement of better results in every task that we perform.